Моя философия


Those, who come to my beauty shop have all rights to know and even should know the details of the procedure – from the cobweb of the process down to the quality characteristics of the materials. If a woman entrusts to me her most value – a face, I should do everything to justify her confidence. It is necessary for both sides – for me, as for a specialist whose opinion is trustworthy, and also for my clients, who are not going to compromise their faces without real reasons.


I am always ready to offer to my clients the best variants of permanent make-up which according to professional point of view consider not only a type and personal characteristics of a face, but also an image and a nature of a person. However I don’t think it’s useful to thrust my opinion on a client. Especially when one comes with his own view and is not in mind to follow anybody’s advise. In such cases I try to realize clearly what a client wants and to take his idea as a basic project, which is always possible to improve, using my experience, skills and taste. And then the most important qualities are the knowledge of a human psychology and delicacy.


The achievement of your aim is one of the important components of success. But it`s not the only reason. To be successful one should make clients of a beauty shop feeling comfortable and take care of their health. And a wish not only to comply with existing standarts but also not to be afraid to achieve even the better guality of performing permanent make-up.


Openness, flexibility, responsibility and irreproachable quality of make up are evidence of professionalism, but to achieve it one has not only to possess these necessary qualities. One starts to be a real professional when he needs to share his knowledge and skills with others and when he gets pupils. What about me, I actively take part in different educational programs, trainings and master classes in Russia and abroad. But to my mind my main professional achievement is a quantity of my students who live and work all over the world.