I and my friends already ten years come to Ann Zabolotnaya for novelties of p. make-up. I don`t know about others, but for the first time I was very nervous –I thought that healing goes in a wrong way ) I called Ann one hundred times and this patient and tactful master each time explained to me that everything was o`k. When at last the healing was over I was really satisfied. Ann is one of rare professionals, who not only immediately understands what a client wants, but also adds some detail which helps to get a perfect result. I know it for sure. And advise to everybody who wants to have such a result to go only to Ann )
I came to Biotec on Sokol to make p. Make-up. I am totally delighted! I made everything and I war really afraid. But my master was Ann Zabolotnaya and I couldn`t stop my rapture! She is not only a beauty and a very neat fascinating person, she also has a lot of taste and everything she`s advised me is perfect. All my friends are delighted!!! Each moment I look into a mirrow! Atmosphere in this beauty shop is also very comfortable! I`ve really fallen in love with Ann! Great skill! Trust me, I can compare with other masters! I`ve told all my friends about her! And I recommend Ann to everybody!
I amto be delighted with new methods of permanent make up! Ann Zabolotnaya makes just 3D hairs on bald spots)) First her client was my friend – a young guy who suffered a lot about his bald spot. She has managed to create an effect of real hair! By the way this service could be useful also for many girls. So masters are always ready to surprise ))
I made a permanent make-up of lips in the beauty shop Biotec on Sokol. I`ve got beautiful colour and nice form. I’m glad that I was a client of the real artist and want to thank Ann Zabolotnaya for her skill.
Mari Good
They`ve got excellent teaching center. Zabolotnaya is the best!!
Ann made me p. make up of lips in 2000... I`m very satisfied, it stayed on for a long time... She is actually a great professional and a responsible person.